wow, it's actually good...

Well ladies and gentlemen, I finally did it. I finally sold out my traditional reading values in exchange for popularity points. I conformed to the masses, I gave in to the peer pressure, and I allowed my curiosity to get the best of me. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am currently reading Th1rteen R3asons Why, written by Jay Asher. As I've said in my last blog, I would love to start talking about this book immediately, but unfortunately I have to talk briefly about my goals. Well, I've read a lot over the past few weeks. I read everything from The Epic of Gilgamesh to the Treaty of Versailles. In other words, I skimmed through my Barron's AP World History Study Guide. Honestly, I haven't picked up a conventional book in weeks. So Ms.Mayo, if you're reading this, I just want you to know that I'm sorry. I'm sure your disappointment doesn't compare to my incompetence. Well, silly jokes aside, let's get talking about the book in question: Th1rteen R3asons …

wait, this book has aliens in it?...(ap title)

Slaughterhouse Five: the book that gets more confusing the more that you read it. This is a fantastic book that's worth talking about immediately. However, the rubric says I can't talk about it until I comment briefly on my goals. Well, if I'm to be completely honest, I didn't set a specific goal for this project. I just wanted to have a more consistent reading schedule and finish a book in a reasonable time. While I did finish this book in a decent enough time (about 2 weeks), I failed at keeping a consistent reading schedule. I would instead go a few days without reading, and then make up for the loss of time by reading in bulk. Reading large chunks of a book used to be very hard for because I would get so distracted, but I found a way to counteract this by switching between audiobooks and conventional reading.      Alright, let's finally talk about Slaughterhouse Five, which I'm assuming is the whole reason why you're here, or else reading this would be …


So apparently we were supposed to write about our goals for this assignment. I forgot to do that, so here I am doing it now. I hope improve my reading skills, and I also hope to discover different kinds of literature, as well as different AP titles. I just have a set number of pages that I want to have read by the end of this blog. All I know is that I want to read a lot more and develop better habits. Who knows, maybe I'll develop great reading habits through this assignment that will stick with me for the rest of my life. (Let's just all be positive.)

*insert a creative title here*

Well, I'm Dalton Currey, and this is my book blog. Since you're here, I'd assume that you'd want to know little bit a me. I'm sure that most of you really don't care, but I'm going to tell you about myself anyway because I'm a self-centered, narcissistic degenerate. Actually, I'm not any of those things, I just have a very cynical sense of humor. Without further ado, allow me to describe my boring self in a few short paragraphs.
     About 16 years ago, in a rather large town known as Denton, TX; the world was taken by storm as a result of my birth. Well not really, actually. I told myself that I would try to make this post as interesting as I possibly could, but my life is very ordinary. I go to Hebron, I'm in theatre, I hang out with friends on the weekends, and I live in the suburbs. I'm also a lousy reader, so this should be fun.